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Impostors Genesis Announces Next Community Playtest
Logan Hitchcock

Impostors Genesis announced its next community playtest will take place on Friday, Nov. 18 at 4:00 p.m. ET. 

The playtest will only be available to Impostors NFT holders that have verified ownership in the Impostors Genesis Discord

Holders will be able to participate in the playtest until 9:00 p.m. ET. 

The playtest marks the first announced community test since September. 

Impostors Genesis Announces Next Community Playtest
Impostors Community Beta Test Next Week
Lou Sherman

The next Impostors community Beta Test will be going live next week. The event will take place on September 13 at 6 p.m. ET. Holders of Impostors Genesis Aliens should head over to the community discord and verify ownership of their NFTs ahead of the event. 

The team previously announced that there would be an additional Beta event on September 17, so if you are not able to make Tuesday's event you will still have a chance to participate next weekend.




Impostors Community Beta Test Next Week
Impostors Genesis Clarifies Holder Rights
Logan Hitchcock

Impostors Genesis clarified the holder's rights and IP allowances for Impostors Genesis NFT holders in a statement from the team. 

The project is providing holders of Impostors Genesis NFTs licensing power, enabling them to use the likeness of their Impostors NFT to create physical and digital goods for their own profit. 

Additionally, holders are allowed to create derivative representations of their Impostor NFT. However, the derivative may not bear an strong resemblance to the original NFT. 

Holding an Impostor NFT? You can find the official licensing terms on the Impostors Genesis website

The project has posted a 5 percent gain in floor price over the last 24 hours and stands at 0.41 ETH at the time of writing. 

Impostors Genesis Clarifies Holder Rights
Impostors Galaxy Reveal
Bill Monighetti

Impostors have refreshed the metadata of its Genesis Aliens collection, revealing the galaxy each alien belongs to. The available galaxies are Galatech, Velorum, Draconis and Goldcomb in order to increasing scarcity with Goldcomb being considered the "Legendary" tier. Additionally, the team released a "Provenance" page at in order to prove the galaxies were all "fairly assigned." This process was completed in partnership with Chainlink, who generated a random offset number that was used in the assignment phase. Impostors holders whose NFTs have not yet revealed are advised to refresh metadata via OpenSea.

According to "Johnny", a mod in the project's Discord server, galaxies will "play a part on land. Details of how different galaxy combinations will affect land are yet to be released." 

The metadata update has not had a drastic affect on the Impostors' floor price, which has held steady in the 1.5 ETH range over the last 24 hours.

Impostors Galaxy Reveal
Saturday Night NFT Recap | Top News and Market Movers
Staff Writer

Here are today's top NFT news highlights and market movers:

Today's Top NFT News

Total Volume (6 Hours)*

  • Ethereum Name Service (222 ETH)
  • Moonrunners (169 ETH)
  • WZRDS (154 ETH)
  • God Hates NFTees (152 ETH)
  • Otherdeed for Otherside (133 ETH)

Floor Price Increase (6 Hours, 0.25 ETH Min.)*

  • Anime Metaverse (+50%)
  • Moonrunners (+48%)
  • Edenhorde (+28%)
  • Los Muertos (+16%)
  • Impostors Genesis Aliens (+14%)

Floor Price Decrease (6 Hours, 0.25 ETH Min.)*

  • Genesis Box (-9%)
  • Meta Bounty Hunters (-7%)
  • LinksDAO (-6%)
  • Quirkies (-5%)
  • MetaHero Identities (-4%)

For all volume and floor price data, see Lucky Trader's Project Rankings page.

For all NFT news, see Lucky Trader's NFT News page.

*data retrieved at 9:56 p.m. ET.

Saturday Night NFT Recap | Top News and Market Movers
Impostors Materials Box Minting Launches
Staff Writer

Impostors Materials box mint is now live for holders with at least one Impostors Genesis, UFO, and Pet NFT as well as 1,500 $BLOOD, according to a tweet from the project.

Materials can be used for upgrading Pets, Land and UFOs, and “more,” according to a Discord announcement.

Impostors Materials Box Minting Launches