Impostors Galaxy Reveal

Impostors Galaxy Reveal
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Impostors have refreshed the metadata of its Genesis Aliens collection, revealing the galaxy each alien belongs to. The available galaxies are Galatech, Velorum, Draconis and Goldcomb in order to increasing scarcity with Goldcomb being considered the "Legendary" tier. Additionally, the team released a "Provenance" page at in order to prove the galaxies were all "fairly assigned." This process was completed in partnership with Chainlink, who generated a random offset number that was used in the assignment phase. Impostors holders whose NFTs have not yet revealed are advised to refresh metadata via OpenSea.

According to "Johnny", a mod in the project's Discord server, galaxies will "play a part on land. Details of how different galaxy combinations will affect land are yet to be released." 

The metadata update has not had a drastic affect on the Impostors' floor price, which has held steady in the 1.5 ETH range over the last 24 hours.

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