Reboot Protocol Unveils GG Token Strategy

Reboot Protocol Unveils GG Token Strategy
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In conjunction with the latest Pixel Vault news, Reboot Protocol announced distribution plans for its 1 billion $GG tokens, providing multiple pathways for holders of $POW, $PUNKS, and Inhabitants Planets tokens to earn $GG. 

The Deets

  • Pixel Vault Community: Encourages participation by offering GG tokens in exchange for POW, $PUNKS, and Planets.
  • Substitution Rates: POW can be exchanged for 0.41 GG or 41 Game Credits, while $PUNKS can be exchanged for 0.75 GG or 75 Game Credits.
  • From Planets to Dust: Holders can convert Inhabitants Planets tokens into Planet Dust which in turn unlocks GG over a 24-month period.
  • Reboot Treasury: Accounted for 10% of the GG supply, being available on Day 1, governable by Reboot DAO. 

The Bulk

The Reboot Protocol, in a bid to expand its ecosystem, has detailed how it plans to distribute its fixed GG token supply. The Protocol is set to intertwine with the Pixel Vault Community, providing a mechanism for the substitution of POW, PUNKS, and Inhabitants Planets tokens into GG tokens. The rates for these substitutions are fairly straightforward. For instance, one POW token can either be traded for 0.41 GG or 41 Game Credits. PUNKS tokens follow suit with rates set at 0.75 GG or 75 Game Credits.

The option also exists for holders of Inhabitants Planets tokens. They can trade their tokens for what is called the Planet Dust. This unique token unlocks GG over two years, with 25% being readily available. Holders should be cautious, as claiming GG before a full unlock of a Planet Dust token will require a burn of said token, redirecting the locked GG into a community pool.

On the financial front, the Reboot Treasury stands tall with 10% of the total GG token supply. This treasury is not just static; it's dynamic. It is poised to see continuous replenishment from transactions within the protocol, which includes game session fees and shop fees. Moreover, Pixel Vault, the company behind all this, is making sacrifices for its community. It's giving up its GG share from POW and PUNKS to boost the community's effective conversion rate.

📊 By the Numbers

  • 1 billion: The total fixed supply of GG tokens.
  • 10%: GG supply allocation each for Reboot Treasury and Credits & Rewards.
  • 24 months: Period over which Planet Dust token unlocks GG.

🎤 Founder Feedback

When we said Supernova, we meant it. 🫠gfunk, Pixel Vault Founder

🔜 What's Next?

With these token strategies laid out, Reboot Protocol community members and stakeholders should keep an eye out for further announcements and details on potential collaborations and protocol enhancements. The official $GG token launch is expected soon. 

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