Kith Friends Edition Mint Is Now Live

The 24-hour mint for Kith Friends Edition NFTs is now live.

Kith Friends is a collaboration collection between Kith, a luxury streetwear brand, and the Invisible Friends NFT project. Editions will evolve over the year until the claim period ends in February 2023. Individuals who are holding these editions in February of 2023 will be able to receive Kith for Invisible Friends products. 

There will be Medium, Large, and X-Large editions available to mint. Holding the editions NFT at the end of the claim period will allow users to receive products at no additional cost.

Medium editions will receive (1) Blue Wool Bomber (Medium), (1) White Crewneck (Medium), (1) Beanie, plus (1) pair of RF for Asics (sizes 4-13).

Large editions will receive (1) Cream Wool Bomber (Large), (1) Navy Crewneck (Large), (1) Cap, plus (1) pair of RF for Asics (sizes 4-13).

X-Large editions will receive(1) Black Wool Bomber (X-Large), (1) Black Crewneck (X-Large), (1) Bucket Hat, plus (1) pair of RF for Asics (sizes 4-13).

Invisible Friends is a collection of 5,000 animated NFT cartoon characters by the Random Character Collective. The Random Character Collective is a group of artists, which currently includes SlimHoods (the original collection), Lucas Zanotto's Mood Rollers, and Markus Magnusson's Invisible Friends.
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