Azurbala Releases Results From Community Survey #3

Azurbala Releases Results From Community Survey #3
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Azurbala released the results from its third community feedback survey in a Twitter thread on Tuesday afternoon. 

In the third community survey, participants were asked to rank the moodboards that were selected in the second community survey. 

The winner? Fantasy Jungle. 

Fantasy Jungle received an overwhelming 57 percent of votes for the first-ranked moodboard, followed by Cyberpunk at 24 percent, and Steampunk at 16 percent. 

In addition to the moodboard ranking, Azurbala also compiled some free text responses, with multiples suggesting some mix of "Jungle and Steampunk" would be preferred. 

Details about the next steps have not yet been provided, though Azurbala indicated additional surveys would follow.

"We appreciate all of the feedback we have received so far and will use it to inform what we do moving forward (including the artist we source). We're excited to continue to hear from our community as we move forward. This certainly won't be the last Community Survey." 

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