Jenkins The Valet Releases More Azur Root Details

Jenkins The Valet Releases More Azur Root Details
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Jenkins The Valet recently announced "Azurabala" as part of its ecosystem and earlier this evening shared more details on the upcoming "Azur Root" collection in a recent tweet.

It was previously known that those who hold a Bored & Dangerous NFT will be able to burn it in exchange for an Azur Root which then could be used to receive a Citizen of Azurbala profile picture NFT.

In its latest announcement, the team expanded on this as it let it be known that the longer the Azur Root is held rather than turned into an Azurian, the better attributes the Azurian will have.

Specifically, the better the "backbone" attribute will be, the more backbone an Azurian has the more "Marrow" it will generate.

According to the team "Marrow is a scarce resource native to Azurbala that comes from the Azur Root."

The team said it will soon post an article that dives into the details of these mechanics. 

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