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About Kaiju Kingz

Kaiju Kingz is a collection of 3,333 Genesis pixel beasts created by Augminted Labs sent to protect the Metaverse that live on the Ethereum blockchain.

The collection started with a mint of 3,333 Genesis Kaijuz, each granting its holder voting access within the KaijuKingz DAO. Kaijuz passively generate Radioactive Waste and are capable of generating five $RWASTE a day. $RWASTE can be used to name a Kaiju, write lore for them, or even create a Baby Kaiju by fusing the DNA from two Genesis Kaijuz.  Standing larger than life in a 69x69 pixel square, Kaijuz will have a wide variety of traits, types, and different aesthetics.  

Baby Kaijuz will have a total collection of 6,666 and will accompany their beasts in the Community of Kingz.

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