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KaijuKingz Teases Eggs?
Julian Son

KaijuKingz tweeted a teaser video of numerous eggs starting to stir, with a voice murmuring, "The kingz were just the start."

🔜 What’s Next?

The teaser video likely represents what will come to life next within the KaijuKingz ecosystem. After the rest of the 6,666 of Kaiju Babies were minted out earlier this week, the team can focus on delivering other aspects of its roadmap (some of which were addressed here last week).


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KaijuKingz Teases Eggs?
KaijuKingz Open Rooftop Rampage Competition
Lou Sherman

KaijuKingz announced the opening of its 1 Year Anniversary Rooftop Rampage Competition on Tuesday night.

The Rooftop Rampage takes place on  the rooftops of Sorashima and provides holders with a chance to win a Baby Kaiju, a Mutant Kaiju, and $RWASTE, the native token of the collection.

Genesis, Baby, Mutant, and Scientist holders are allowed to play Rooftop Rampage. The KaijuKingz team encourages players to record their playthroughs and submit their highest scores in the KaijuKingz official Discord.

The period to play Rooftop Rampage and submit high scores will close on October 13 at 8:15 p.m. ET.

KaijuKingz Open Rooftop Rampage Competition
Kaiju Kingz Scientists Mint Live for 48 Hours
Staff Writer

The Kaiju Kingz expansion NFT collection, Scientists, started minting at 7:00 pm ET tonight. 

The mint is free (plus gas) for any user who wishes to participate with a limit of one NFT per wallet. Interested parties can mint at the following link:

Initially, Scientists do not have any play-to-earn capabilities but can be upgraded for 0.06666 ETH to receive abilities that make them valuable in-game.

However, the team has stated that the non-upgraded Scientists will still be of use. 

Scientists are the Kaiju Kingz attempt at a new, innovative IP expansion, welcoming many others into the project's ecosystem. 

Kaiju Kingz Scientists Mint Live for 48 Hours