Kanpai Pandas Drops First Trait Pack 'Murdered Out'

Kanpai Pandas Drops First Trait Pack 'Murdered Out'
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Kanpai Pandas launched its first-ever trait pack, 'Murdered Out,' with a raffle giveaway on PPDex.io today.

The Deets

• 'Murdered Out' pack includes 3 unique traits
• Pack components: Luck Bastard Tattoo (Epic), Skimask Skull (Legendary), and Bulletproof vest (Legendary)
• Raffle on PPDex.io has a point value of 230,000 Panda Points
• Five different winners will receive a pack

📊 By The Numbers

Kanpai Pandas are resting at a floor of 1.44 ETH ($2,685), up 19% over the last month.

An "Alien" body trait sold for 5.75 ETH ($10,450) on May 22.

❗️ Why It Matters

As part of its major ecosystem update, Kanpai Pandas is allowing holders to "customize" their Pandas, similar in nature to the recent Doodles 2 Beta launch and the Pudgy World application for Pudgy Penguins. While project holders often choose an NFT that they can identify with, allowing users to customize their NFT provides the ultimate freedom to generate their PFP of choice, whilst still fitting into the community. 

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