Kanpai Pandas Outlines Dynamic Rarity System

Kanpai Pandas Outlines Dynamic Rarity System
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Kanpai Pandas outlined the dynamic rarity system for its collection of Pandas, in a tweet from the project today.

The Deets

  • The Dynamic Rarity system allows Pandas to climb or descend in rankings by purchasing new traits with Panda Points in the Lab.
  • Pandas can only compete within their relevant body type tiering, with the exception of Red and Normal body types.
  • 1 of 1's (of which there are 15 total) and Infinity Pandas (of which there are 247 total) cannot alter their traits and will remain as they are.
  • Six different trait Rarity Classes exist in the Panda Lab, each affecting a Panda's rarity differently, with varying costs, quantity limits, and Rarity Scores.

The Details

With the introduction of the Panda Lab, which was rolled out at the end of last month, came a mechanic to create custom Pandas. The Panda Lab offers holders the ability to change the on-chain metadata for their Panda using Panda Points (Panda Points are the Kanpai Panda’s native off-chain currency, which can be spent to purchase custom traits in the Panda Lab).

Pandas accrue points daily depending on the Rarity Tier they fall into due to their existing and upgraded traits, and a Panda’s Rarity Score, which places the panda in the Rarity Tiers, is the aggregate score of the highest-scoring item of each trait class a Panda owns — either equipped, worn, or stored in a Panda’s inventory.

While trait shopping, you can “try on” different traits, preview different combinations, and see how those combinations will affect your rarity — an easy way to ensure you’re making the right purchase.

❗ Why It Matters

When considering buying an NFT from a collection, prospective purchasers generally consider price, aesthetics, and rarity as key variables in the decision-making process. Thus, Kanpai's dynamic rarity system is important to understand for holders, because the rarity of each respective Panda governs how many Panda Points their owners accrue to spend in the rest of the ecosystem (Lab, casino, gaming, events).

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For an extensive outline of the PPDex.io ecosystem check out the Gitbook and Medium.

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