Kanpai Pandas Launch PPDEX, Lab, Casino

Kanpai Pandas Launch PPDEX, Lab, Casino
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The highly anticipated Panda Lab, PPDEX, and Casino are now live for Kanpai Pandas holders.

Why It Matters

The launch marks a significant milestone in the Panda ecosystem, as it offers a new level of customization and user engagement for Pandas holders. The free and purchasable traits, along with the raffles and casino integration, enrich the overall experience and make the Pandas ecosystem more appealing to a broader audience. 

The Deets

As part of the initial launch, Kanpai Pandas is offering:

  • 33 free March Madness-inspired jerseys
  • 14 free various traits, including the RUGD Hoodie
  • 23 purchasable new traits to increase rarity
  • Option to hide unwanted traits
  • 2 new raffles in the marketplace

The Details

The Panda Lab allows users to create and customize their own unique Panda NFTs. To celebrate the launch, Panda Lab is offering 33 free March Madness-inspired jerseys and 14 free various traits, including the highly coveted RUGD Hoodie. Users can also purchase 23 new traits to increase their NFT's rarity and have the option to hide any traits they don't like.

Additionally, the marketplace has introduced two new raffles: the Pandamonium T-shirt 4 Pack and Raiders Draft Party Tickets. Users can enter these raffles using their accumulated Panda Points.

The Kanpai Casino will remain open 24/7 for those looking to test their luck and bolster their Panda Points. 

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