Kanpai Pandas Teams Up with Top Sports Advisors

Kanpai Pandas Teams Up with Top Sports Advisors
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Kanpai Pandas is partnering with First Round Management (FRM) as strategic advisors to expand its brand to millions of sports viewers worldwide.

The Deets

  • FRM will connect Kanpai Pandas with prominent sports figures
  • New advisors include FRM's CEO, VP, and COO
  • FRM has experience managing 200+ professional athletes

The Details

This collaboration is set to strengthen Kanpai Pandas' reach in the sports industry by leveraging the extensive network of First Round Management. The partnership adds three new advisors to the team: CEO Malki Kawa, VP Abraham Kawa, and COO Kawa Malki.

Malki Kawa, the Founder & CEO of FRM, is a seasoned sports agent who manages over 200 professional athletes across various sports. His track record includes negotiating lucrative multi-year, multinational eight-figure contracts. Abraham Kawa, the VP of FRM, specializes in managing MMA and professional wrestling clients. His expertise has contributed to making FRM the top-ranked combat sports agency worldwide. Lastly, Kawa Malki, the COO of FRM, oversees finances, marketing, and brand extensions. His previous experience as an Operations Manager for Victoria's Secret showcases his proficiency in logistics and inventory management.

❗️Why It Matters

Kanpai Pandas has certainly committed to its core demographic, further leaning into sports and entertainment, with a particular focus on fighting sports like MMA. The project has already partnered with Jon Jones to push its IP deeper into non-web3 participants that identify with the Pandas core values and the FRM partnership will only provide more opportunities to do so. Ice Bagz (the project leader) has already insisted that Pandas are thinking much bigger than the walls of web3, this partnership speaks to that thinking. 

🎬 Take Action

Keep an eye on the Kanpai Pandas' social media channels for updates on this partnership and potential collaborations with sports figures. The project is hosting a Twitter Spaces at 2:30 p.m. ET today to talk through the partnership. 

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