Snapshot on Monday for Kanpai Pandas $KARATE Token Airdrop

Snapshot on Monday for Kanpai Pandas $KARATE Token Airdrop
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Kanpai Pandas announced that Panda holders will get a $KARATE airdrop, and shared details on how to get a share.

❗ Why It Matters

Kanpai Pandas has been allocated 1.25 billion @karatecombat tokens, worth "an estimated $900k (at launch)," so holders should be keen to follow the steps to participate in the airdrop 🪂. The initial airdrop of 250 million (20%) will be distributed evenly.

The Details

The steps, as outlined by Kanpai Pandas, are:

  1. Own a Kanpai Panda. A snapshot will be taken on May 15th, with the initial airdrop of 250 million tokens to be distributed evenly.
  2. Compete to earn. Download the @karatecombat app (available on Friday) and play fantasy karate pick 'em and win even more per event (50M-150M per event). To play on the 20th, you will need $KARATE in your wallet by 6 p.m. EST on the 18th.
  3. Get the big bag. The competition goes on for the entire season (12 events), with the top three cumulative winners winning additional tokens (launch value of $145k).
  4. Sweeten the deal. In addition, Kanpai Pandas are going to be giving out over 3 million Panda points, and winners will get exclusive, super rare traits to show off.
  5. The competition starts on May 16th. Once the competition begins, open the app, pick your fighters, divide your tokens between your picks, and cast your vote. If you lose, nothing happens. You can try again next time, as your token number can never go down.

ğŸŽ¬ Take Action

In addition to following the above steps, Panda holders should check out the new page dedicated to $KARATE, the KarateDAO, and the new @KarateCombat apps launching this Friday at


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