Knights of Degen Drops Its Purple Paper

Knights of Degen Drops Its Purple Paper
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Knights of Degen, a sports-focused web3 community, is inviting players to embark on quests and challenges while earning rewards and discovering treasures according to its newly dropped Purple Paper

The Deets

  • Built on Knights of Degen NFTs and powered by DegenDAO and $DGEN token
  • Players create a Degen Identity, can participate in multiple rewarding initiatives
  • $DGEN token fuels the ecosystem with governance, utility, and rewards
  • Multiple verticals to participate in, including Degen Commerce, Degen Media, and Degen Sports Collective
  • Opportunity to stake Knights NFTs starting tomorrow. 

The Details

The Degen Kingdom is a unique gaming ecosystem that combines fantasy sports, NFTs, and blockchain technology. Built upon the lore of the Knights of Degen NFTs, the ecosystem is powered by the DegenDAO and the $DGEN token. Players create a Degen Identity to participate in Bet2Earn tournaments, fantasy leagues, and more. By purchasing a Knight, users unlock the full range of features the Knights of Degen App has to offer.

The $DGEN token serves as the backbone of the ecosystem, providing governance, utility, and rewards for players. It can be used for in-game transactions, staking, and earning rewards. Developers can also leverage the token's liquidity and community to bootstrap new activities and games.

Beyond gaming, the Degen Kingdom offers multiple verticals for users to engage in, such as Degen Commerce (merchandise and products), Degen Media (podcasts, shows, and articles), and the Degen Sports Collective (digital art collection and trading). These verticals provide additional value and opportunities for members to earn rewards and enhance their Degen Identity.

Why It Matters

Knights of Degen has been fiercely committed to its core demographic, sports fans and fantasy sports enthusiasts that have embraced the "degen" mentality. Its Purple Paper represents a significant step forward in the convergence of those ideals and blockchain technology, enhancing its Bet2Earm product and formalizing the DegenDAO and $DGEN token. The brand has already engaged in innovative initiatives like its March Madness Brackets NFTs and bolstering its ecosystem infrastructure should allow it to continue building stickiness with KoD members. 

🔜 What's Next

More details on the unfolding lore are expected next week. 

🎬 Take Action

To begin your journey in the Degen Kingdom, follow these steps:

  1. Read the Purple Paper
  2. Download the Knights of Degen App (iOS or Android)
  3. Create an account and customize your Degen Identity

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