MetaHero Gear Pods NFTs

MetaHero Gear Pods NFT Overview

Project Information

MetaHero Gear Pods consist of 3 tiers of DOT(Mintpass #2) assembled gear pods that holders of a MetaHero Identity and a Planet are eligible to mint. The Gear Pods will be central items in the upcoming Metahero Universe blockchain game.

There are three tiers of Pods:

  • Common - Astral Gear Pod (2,000 $POW)
  • Rare - Cosmic Gear Pod (2,000 $POW)
  • Legendary - Nebula Gear Pod (Raffled to Astral and Cosmic Holders and holders of special Pixel Vault sets)

Each MetaHero can pair with up to three separate Planet tokens to determine Gear Pod mint eligibility (once per pairing class). Planets only count once for the snapshot.

  • Pair MetaHero to a Moon token = 1 Cosmic Gear Pod for the Moon
  • Pair MetaHero to an origin Planet = 1 Cosmic Gear Pod for that Planet
  • Pair MetaHero to a non-origin Planet = 1 Astral Gear Pod

The Gear Pods play an integral part in the Metahero Universe story: "Per Article 1.3 of the Peace Treaty, DOTs are deploying critical supplies to MetaHeroes for cooperative interplanetary exploration. As their first benevolent act following the DOT-Human Peace Treaty, the “ingenious and powerful” DOTs have deployed gear pods in preparation for a galactic adventure."