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Pixel Vault Teaser Trailer Defines MetaHero Gameplay
Staff Writer

Pixel Vault released a trailer including details of its upcoming game Tuesday.

The Pixel Vault game will allow users to play as their MetaHero in a "3v3 auto brawler," or auto battler game, like Teamfight Tactics or the blockchain game Illuvium, which is currently in beta.

Holders will be able to use gear and planets in the battles and the video urges users to "bring your $POW" — one of the tokens in the Pixel Vault ecosystem. $POW is up 33 percent to $0.0344 since the tweet.

MetaHero Identities, the main avatar collection in Pixel Vault, is up to a 1.27 ETH floor price after hitting an all-time low floor price of 0.59 ETH on Sept. 17. 

Pixel Vault Teaser Trailer Defines MetaHero Gameplay
MetaHeroes Announces Snapshot, Giveaway
Logan Hitchcock

MetaHero Universe alerted holders of a retroactive snapshot and giveaway on its Twitter this afternoon

The snapshot, which took place on Monday, Sept. 12 at 2:45 p.m. ET, will provide entry into a raffle of 2,000 Mintpass 2 NFTs for holders of MetaHeroes and Gear Pod NFTs. 

Those holding at least one Gearpod and MetaHero NFT at the time of snapshot are eligible for at least one raffle entry, with bonus entries being applied based on the following criteria (taken from the terms and conditions):

Each wallet must hold the Gear Pod NFT and a MetaHero NFT. Additionally, holding a “hero” MetaHero will act as
a 3x multiplier for your number of entries for the sweepstakes. Each Gear Pod will provide the following number of
entries into the raffle, with no limits per wallet:

● Astral Gear Pod: 1
● Cosmic Gear Pod (Jupiter): 2
● Cosmic Gear Pod (Saturn): 2
● Cosmic Gear Pod (Neptune): 2
● Cosmic Gear Pod (Uranus): 2

● Cosmic Gear Pod (Pluto): 3
● Cosmic Gear Pod (Mars): 4
● Cosmic Gear Pod (Venus): 5
● Cosmic Gear Pod (Earth): 5
● Cosmic Gear Pod (Mercury): 6
● Cosmic Gear Pod (Moon): 7
● Nebula Gear Pod: 7

To learn more about the giveaway, view the terms and conditions in full. 

MetaHeroes Announces Snapshot, Giveaway
Pixel Vault Opens Its Own Marketplace
Staff Writer

Pixel Vault opened its own marketplace according to a recent tweet from the team. 

The Pixel Vault marketplace will feature aggregated listings from Rarible and OpenSea at this current time. Users can list any NFT in the Pixel Vault ecosystem directly through the marketplace and they do not have to pay marketplace royalties when selling the NFT through the official Pixel Vault marketplace.

Pixel Vault will be using community feedback to update certain aspects of the platform and announced there will be "more features to come in future releases."

Pixel Vault Opens Its Own Marketplace