Mocaverse Realm Ticket NFTs

Mocaverse Realm Ticket NFT Overview

Project Information

Mocaverse Realm Ticket is a collection of raffle ticket NFTs created by Animoca Brands on the Polygon Network. Each Mocaverse Realm Ticket counts as a single entry into the Mocalist raffle. The Mocalist is the public allowlist for Animoca Brand's Mocaverse NFT collection designed to strengthen Animoca's Web3 and metaverse ecosystems. Mocaverse Realm Ticket NFTs were minted and airdropped to Animoca/Mocaverse community members who either held Animoca Brands tokens/NFTs or were considered active Mocaverse community members and contributors. While the selection of Mocalist winners is random, the more Mocaverse Realm Tickets held in a wallet increases that wallet's chance of winning a Mocaverse spot.