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Mocaverse NFTs Unlock Exclusive GAMEE Tournaments
Logan Hitchcock

Mocaverse NFT holders can now participate in exclusive tournaments on GAMEE's Arc8 gaming application.

The Deets

  • Partnership between GAMEE, an Animoca subsidiary, and Mocaverse NFT
  • Exclusive tournaments for Mocaverse and Realm Ticket NFT holders
  • Reward pool includes MATIC, Moca XP, and Mocaverse-themed G-Bot Starters

The Details

GAMEE, Animoca Brands' blockchain arcade gaming subsidiary, announced a collaboration with Mocaverse, allowing Mocaverse NFT holders to access exclusive tournaments in the Arc8 gaming application. The event, called Into the Mocaverse, features a new version of the popular game Hoop Shot.

Two tournament types are available: those for Mocaverse NFT holders and those for Realm Ticket NFT holders. The reward pool for these free 24-hour skill-based tournaments includes 10,000 MATIC, Moca XP, and 25 Mocaverse-themed G-Bot Starters, which are the native NFTs of Arc8. The special Mocaverse tournaments will run from April 20-27, 2023.

This partnership marks the beginning of several high-profile Arc8 events planned for 2023 and beyond. More information can be found on GAMEE's Medium page.

❗️Why It Matters

Animoca Brands has perhaps the largest web3 footprint of all, and it's starting to weave together the work of its subsidiaries and partnered projects, creating an interesting benefit layer for Mocaverse (the official Animoca PFP) holders. Given the ties to a bevy of other games and ecosystems (Yuga Labs even), the Mocaverse NFT could stand to gain exclusive access and entry to lots of new web3 projects now that Animoca has a clear way to provide them. 

🎬 Take Action

If you are a Mocaverse or Realm Ticket NFT holder you can participate in the exclusive tournaments by downloading the Arc8 gaming application for free and competing between April 20-27, 2023.


Mocaverse NFTs Unlock Exclusive GAMEE Tournaments
Mocaverse Introduces Partner Experiences
Bill Monighetti

Mocaverse, the official NFT collection of Animoca Brands, announced the launch of Mocana Odyssey this morning, a program that will be powered by partner experiences involving other projects in Animoca's portfolio.

🔎The Deets

  • Users who participate in Odyssey partner experiences will have the opportunity to get rewarded in the form of Moca XPs.
  • The launch date and mechanics involving Moca XPs will be clarified later this week, according to the announcement
  • Those who "soft stake" their Mocaverse NFTs for two consecutive staking windows will be eligible for rewards. Those who list, transfer or sell their NFTs during the window will not be eligible.
  • The first participant in the program will be Arc8 by GAMEE, a "blockchain-powered gaming platform that recognizes and rewards skill, effort and loyalty."

🎤 Community Quote

Could be amazing to see MOCAs compete in metaverse poker tournaments too, can reward XP and other Moca experiences in return@web4capital

Mocaverse Introduces Partner Experiences
Mocaverse Releases Roadmap, Sets Reveal Date
Bill Monighetti

Mocaverse, the PFP project by Animoca Brands, made waves yesterday by teasing its project roadmap and setting its reveal date in a series of tweets.

❗ Why It Matters

This news comes on the heels of a Monday announcement of a $6.6m ApeCoin transfer from Animoca Brands to the MocaApe.eth wallet that is apparently controlled by Mocaverse. Those funds will presumably help ensure Mocaverse is able to execute its roadmap, which was revealed yesterday.

🔎 The Deets

  • The roadmap is very cryptic in nature and many Twitter users have been speculating on what some of the items could mean.
  • There appears to be references to several NFT communities hidden in the roadmap, including Bored Ape Yacht Club, Yoga Petz and Sappy Seals.
  • Some users have also pointed out what appears to be a reference to an ecosystem token.
  • The project's reveal date is set for March 17 at 9:00 AM ET.

🎤 Community Feedback

First thing I see is all tribes working together in everything! So strong together! The second thing I see is hanging out with the @BoredApeYC together! You just cant have better friends in the NFTs! Last thing is the MOCA token!@7032mfer

Mocaverse Releases Roadmap, Sets Reveal Date