Momoguro Reveals and Teases Gameplay

Momoguro Reveals and Teases Gameplay
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Momoguro started its reveal today and teased a sneak peek of the gameplay in a tweet. 

❗ Why It Matters

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have heard of Momoguro, a wildly popular NFT mint from last week. (If you haven't, you can learn more about the project in our article from last week.)

The reveal marks the first step in an ambitious roadmap which includes a Momoguro Metaverse. The team shared a rarity guide for collectors, though the reveal has been slowed down due to the metadata servers being overwhelmed.

📊 By the Numbers

While the collection is still one of the highest traded collections based on volume in the past 24 hours, the typical post-reveal drop has started with the floor falling nearly 24 percet to 0.41 ETH. 

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