NFL All Day Announces "Rise The Ranks"

NFL All Day Announces "Rise The Ranks"

NFL All Day introduced additions to the Playbook feature on Tuesday. "Rise The Ranks" introduces the new Playbook Leaderboard for fans.

The Playbook Leaderboard will track yardage and touchdowns for users across game weeks. Collectors will be able to rise up the ranks of the leaderboard to earn prizes including NFL All Day merchandise.

Leaderboard ranks will be based on total yardage, and ties will be broken based on the number of touchdowns scored, then by the number of higher rarity cards used in the challenges.

The Leaderboard for Weeks 7-9 will have the following prizes:

  • Top 50 fans: NFL All Day hoodie, t-shirt, and hat
  • Top 100 fans: NFL All Day t-shirt and hat
  • Top 500 fans: NFL All Day hat
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