You Can Rip If You Want To

You Can Rip If You Want To
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Just in time for Super Bowl week, NFL ALL DAY is introducing a peer-to-peer pack marketplace and the ability to create and gift custom packs for friends who aren't already on NFL ALL DAY. 

🧐 Wait, What?

Fans can buy and sell unopened packs from previous releases in the new peer-to-peer pack marketplace. That means you can:

  • Buy and rip the packs you want.
  • Shop previously sold-out packs.
  • Hold sealed packs that will become more scarce over time.

❗ Why It Matters

Before now, fans had to pony up to buy single players a la carte. Now, they're able to pull players from previously released packs and more. 

If you've ever wanted to hoard packs with Tom Brady's last Moments the way card collectors hoard 2003-04 Upper Deck Exquisite boxes, now is your chance.

The Deets

  • Standard Drop
    • 6,200 packs available (6,500 created); $69 per pack
    • 5 Moments per pack: 3 Common Moments, plus 1 Guaranteed Rare Moment and 1 Moment that is either Common, Rare, Legendary or Ultimate
    • 2 Ultimate Moments of the Chiefs Super Bowl LIV comeback distributed across the 6,500 packs
    • Maximum 3 packs per fan
  • Premium Drop
    • 350 packs available (none held back); $699 per pack
    • 7 Moments per pack: 4 Common Moments, plus 1 Guaranteed Legendary Moment and 2 Guaranteed Rare Moments (1 special edition)
    • 2.3% chance for an Ultimate Moment in place of 1 Common Moment (8 Ultimate Moments distributed across the 350 packs)
    • Maximum 1 pack per fan (must qualify to enter, see below)

🎬 Take Action

By the end of the week, you'll also have the ability to create and gift custom packs to your friends who aren't yet on NFL ALL DAY. 

  • Pick 3-5 Moments from your collection that you think they’ll like, package them up, and send the pack to your friend.
  • If they sign up, rip the pack, and make a purchase, you’ll get a pack yourself!

For more information on the pack drop, refer to the initial release from NFL ALL DAY

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