NFL All Day Week 8 Challenge Details Released

NFL All Day Week 8 Challenge Details Released

NFL All Day has released details for its Week 8 Playbook Challenge in a discord update this afternoon and via their website. Full details on the challenges can be found here.

Five challenges are available for players, across the Thursday night, Sunday slate, and Monday night game.

Requirements vary across the challenges but typically require submitting player moments in different positions for the winning team and/or meeting stat requirements.

For tonight's Thursday Night Challenge, the specific requirements include submitting an entry with the following 4 moments:

- 1 Moment of the starting QB from the winning team

- 1 Moment of any player (QB/RB/WR/TE) with 3 or more receptions

- 1 Moment of any player (QB/RB/WR/TE) with a single rush or reception of 15 or more yards gained

- 1 Moment of any DL/LB/DB who records 1 or more total tackles (Assists + Solo)

Winners of these challenges can earn packs, Moments, and other exclusive prizes.

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