NFT Worlds Proposes $WRLD Upgrade

NFT Worlds Proposes $WRLD Upgrade

NFT Worlds announced an upgrade to its underlying infrastructure on Friday afternoon as the team is preparing for the future launch of the new Worlds platform.

The $WRLD Token Upgrade Proposal outlines the suggested changes to the $WRLD token. The underlying contracts have been outlined in a proposal available for hodlers to review and vote on. Holders are encouraged to the "wrld-upgrade-chat" channel in the Discord server to provide feedback and ask questions.

One of the main changes in the proposal is to move $WRLD to an uncapped token with a soft, internal cap of 5 billion tokens.The full proposal can be found here and holders will be able to connect their wallets and vote for or against the proposal.

More about NFT Worlds

NFT Worlds is a fully decentralized 3D voxel-based metaverse NFT project comprised of 10,000 unique NFT worlds, originally using Minecraft and its open source ecosystem before NFTs were deplatformed from Minecraft. The metaverse has play to earn mechanics using the $WRLD token and allows owners to create their own limitless metaverse games or experiences for players or exclusive communities within their worlds. Additionally, world owners can stake their world and while staked make it available for rent. Owners set their monthly price to rent their staked NFT World in $WRLD token.

At the time of publish, the NFT Worlds floor price sits at 0.62 ETH, and has stayed relatively flat over the past 24 hours on 2 ETH volume of transactions. Over the last 30 days, 16 sharp wallets have sold 18 NFTs and 7 sharp wallets have bought 7 NFTs in the NFT Worlds collection. Catch up on other recent NFT Worlds news here.

Recent NFT Worlds Sales

#508sold at 12/07 10:12pm for
#7071sold at 12/07 9:12pm for
#6876sold at 12/06 9:12pm for
#9543sold at 12/06 1:12am for
#7871sold at 12/06 12:12am for

Recent NFT Worlds Listings

#4600listed at 12/08 8:12am for
#4600listed at 12/08 8:12am for
#7081listed at 12/08 7:12am for
#7081listed at 12/08 7:12am for
#7071listed at 12/08 5:12am for
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