NFT Worlds Provides Updated $WRLD Tokenomics

NFT Worlds Provides Updated $WRLD Tokenomics
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NFT Worlds tweeted out a 23-page document on Friday that outlined the updates to the tokenomics of $WRLD 2.0. $WRLD is the fixed supply, the in-game currency to power the NFT Worlds ecosystem. The updates to $WRLD 2.0 focused on token stability, player economics, scalable token sinks, and game theory. 

$WRLD 2.0 plans to standardize the core economy of the game by using proven gameplay mechanics and equipping in-game builders with more options to be able to circulate the token within the ecosystem. The team plans to provide player-friendly tools to create, making it easier for holders to build, sell and trade items within the game through custom visuals.

NFT Worlds will support a FIAT-$WRLD onramp, making it easier for new players to get involved. Players will be able to purchase $WRLD directly with credit cards through a Moonpay integration. Creators will be incentivized to attract and retain new players through quality content and experiences.

The token supply allocations will be restructured based on the new ecosystem's intricacies. The primary change is that play-to-earn rewards have been reduced from 50% to 28% in the allocation, with the 22% being split between the incentives for $LP-WRLD staking and centralized exchange liquidity.

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