Okay Bears Unveils 'Honey Pot' To Support Community Initiatives

Okay Bears Unveils 'Honey Pot' To Support Community Initiatives
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Okay Bears, a leading Solana NFT project, announced the "Honey Pot," a new mechanism to help support and foster the growth of the Okay Bears ecosystem and community via Twitter post on Tuesday morning

The Honey Pot's main goal is to "empower, fund and incentivize our community to scale and collectively amplify branded activities around the planet with the aim to unite more people with our WAGBO vision," according to the Okay Bears announcement. 

Perhaps pulling inspiration from NounsDAO's Prop House, the Honey Pot will financially fund and support community commissions and competitions with help from the Okay Bears' Moderators and Builders. 

The news comes shortly after the Okay Bears project unveiled a new curated community Twitter feed - @okbcommunity - for specific community-related news, events, and updates. 

After bursting onto the scene at the end of April, Okay Bears exploded to an all-time high floor price of 229 SOL in the middle of May, according to leading Solana NFT marketplace, Magic Eden. 

Since that time, the project has experienced a steady decline in floor price, down to a floor price of 55 and 66 SOL floor on Magic Eden and OpenSea, respectively.

Despite the floor price decline, the project has continued to share project advancements, recently launching a Solana validator node and a founder's coin addition to the Okay Bears project


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