OnChainMonkey NFTs

OnChainMonkey NFT Overview

Project Information

10,000 monkeys with all metadata and images hosted on chain. OnChainMonkeys claim to be the first PFP collection that is all on chain in a single transaction. The project was free to mint (just pay gas).

Featured on Coindesk (Bill Tai on Bitcoin’s Early Days and the Social Potential of NFTs) in September 2021.

The Making of OnChainMonkey by Danny Yang on medium details further background on how the project began.


  • Early access to NFT launches on Metagood - the NFT marketplace with curated “NFT for good” collections
  • Metagood Moments NFT collection is launching from the OCM community
  • Fast track to being able to launch your own NFT collection on Metagood
  • OCM can be traded on Metagood with no platform fee
  • Participate in online and IRL events with our special guests
  • Access to private channels in Discord
  • Be part of the new “giving economy” of value creation for good
  • Join in the Monkey Business fun that may just change the world

OCM's core values are RISE:

Respect - we treat everyone with respect
Integrity - we strive for the highest ethical standards
Sustainability - we create for the future
Experimentation - we try new things to find better solutions