Which OCM Tier Are You?
Julian Son

OnChainMonkey disclosed its membership tiers for the upcoming collab mint with Alexis André (creator of Friendship Bracelets), in a recent tweet.

Why It Matters: In Q1 2023, OCM holders with an OCM Set (a Genesis + any Karma1 + any Karma2) will get a guaranteed mint spot for the next major work by Alexis André, creator of Friendship Bracelets, one of the top traded NFTs on OpenSea.

What Constitutes Each Tier? Each tier directly affects the eligibility of users in the upcoming mint. Find the tier breakdown below taken from the tweet graphic:

  • Tier 1: Celestial Karma / Cake
    • All mints are airdropped
  • Tier 2: OCM Set (a genesis OCM + any K1 + any K2)
    • Highest mint allocation, guaranteed mint for each set
  • Tier 3: OCM Genesis [FP 1.1 ETH]
  • Tier 4: OCM Karma [FP 0.27 ETH]
    • Lesser mint allocation, opportunity to win minting spots. More monkeys = more chances to win!

What's Next: No official action items or timelines have been provided at this time, though a Town Hall has been scheduled for next week.

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Which OCM Tier Are You?
OnChainMonkey Launching Utility NFT
Logan Hitchcock

OnChainMonkey is releasing a utility-focused NFT to help expand the OCM network and provide additional rewards to holders of Karma and Genesis OnChainMonkeys, according to a series of tweets from the project. 

Why It Matters: OnChainMonkey continues to aggressively expand its reach through flexible and scalable onboarding incentives, with a focus on rewarding loyal and participating community members. New OCM Bots allow holders to show the OCM ecosystem to friends through a utility-based NFT.

What To Know:

  • OCM Bots will be assembled with disparate pieces, earned through leveling up Genesis or Karma OCM NFTs with missions. 
  • Multiple types of OCM Bots can be built. 
  • Reaching Level 5 will provide users with a Power Core, the final piece necessary for building an OCM Bot. 

What's Next: No official action items or timelines have been provided for the launch of OCM Bots. 

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OnChainMonkey Launching Utility NFT
OnChainMonkey Holders Getting Playable Avatars for Sandbox Metaverse
Logan Hitchcock

OnChainMonkey is partnering with The Sandbox to provide playable avatars to genesis OnChainMonkey NFT holders, according to an announcement from the project. 

Those who hold genesis OnChainMonkey NFTs can now generate their playable avatar in the Sandbox Shop

To complement the playable avatars, OnChainMonkey also funded the build of an OCM-themed plot in The Sandbox in which the team will host a virtual party in the next few weeks. Details on the exact time and date will be provided at a later time. 

The collaboration pairs OCM with The Sandbox, both of which share mutual investors and connections like Yat Siu of Animicoa Brands and Sebastian Borget, the co-founder of The Sandbox. The OCM parent company, MetaGood, recently announced a pre-seed funding round of $5 million


OnChainMonkey Holders Getting Playable Avatars for Sandbox Metaverse
OnChainMonkey Team Announces $5M Pre-Seed Funding Round
Logan Hitchcock

MetaGood, the team behind OnChainMonkey, announced a pre-seed funding round of $5 million in a tweet this morning

The funding round, which will help MetaGood tackle its mission to  "empower communities to be catalysts for collective action," includes participation from noted web3 investor and advisor Animoca Brands, Joe Montana's early-stage VC firm, and Morgan Creek Capital. 

“We launched the company on the concept of using NFTs as an expression where everyone does good things for each other and the good stuff is tokenized and exchangeable,” Metagood co-founder Bill Tai told TechCrunch in an exclusive interview.

Tai's co-founder Amanda Terry told TechCrunch that the funds would be used for "growing the company, hiring new talent, and building OnChainMonkey’s community and tools."

Metagood's first NFT project, OnChainMonkey, recently announced Ryan Carson as a project advisor and released Season 2 of its DAO


OnChainMonkey Team Announces $5M Pre-Seed Funding Round
OnChainMonkey Launced Tokenized Authentication
Lou Sherman

OnChainMonkey added a new feature for its holders to start taking advantage of.

Tokenized authentication will now be available for OCM holders. Users will be able to connect their wallets on the site. Authentication will enable members to use all of the features within the OCM ecosystem.

The features include token-gated Discord roles, OCM missions, and the ability to earn, transfer, and check account balance for OCM Bananas within the OCM Discord server.

Tokenized authentication creates a seamless and secure experience for Discord, Twitter, and crypto wallets.

OnChainMonkey Launced Tokenized Authentication
OnChainMonkey Releases Hi-Res Backgrounds
Lou Sherman

OnChainMonkey announced via Twitter today that it is releasing new hi-resolution backgrounds that will be branded with OCM. The backgrounds can be easily integrated into Zoom or Twitter.

The artwork was created by @metagoodnft and led by the design team of @cocolati_design. OCM also welcomed a few new members to the OCM family within the thread, including @Gameman72366771, @Fityeth, and @obgETH.

If you are interested in using the designs, head over to the OCM wiki to see the different options. There is a Monkeyverse Lab Missions and OCM Banana design available in Twitter Banner and Zoom Background formats. The OCM wiki is a great source for all things OnChainMonkey.

The team also mentioned that more high-resolution OCM Monkeyverse backgrounds will be released over the next several days for anyone to use.

OnChainMonkey Releases Hi-Res Backgrounds


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