OCM Dimensions Changing Bitcoin NFTs

OCM Dimensions Changing Bitcoin NFTs
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Metagood and OnChainMonkey leveraged Bitcoin Ordinals to launch OCM Dimensions yesterday, revolutionizing the NFT movement on the Bitcoin blockchain. 

The Deets

  • OCM Dimensions pioneered recursion, composability, and efficient block space usage on Bitcoin.
  • It is one of the first parent-child collections with on-chain provenance.
  • The collection achieved many industry firsts, including an on-chain reveal after minting.
  • The art is high-definition, 3D, animated, and interactive, rendering directly from Bitcoin inscriptions.

The Bulk

Founded OGs of the crypto space, Metagood and the team behind OnChainMonkey have been deeply invested in Bitcoin technology, understanding the possibilites for Ordinals and NFTs. Their latest endeavor, OCM Dimensions, brings to life an art collection of unprecedented quality and innovative mechanics on the Bitcoin blockchain.

OCM Dimensions breaks the mold with high-resolution, 3D animated art that dynamically scales to any display size. This quality is achieved with a file size of under 1 kilobyte per inscription, an extraordinary accomplishment given the complexity and quality of the art.

Dimensions is notable not only for its art but also for its pioneering technical feats on Bitcoin. It utilizes parent-child provenance, generative coding, recursion, and composability to create intricate and rich art while optimizing the use of Bitcoin's block space.

The collection is a testament to the possibilities that Bitcoin Ordinals open for securing digital artifacts on the Bitcoin blockchain, hinting at a digital version of the Great Library of Alexandria. But, as with all precious resources, Bitcoin's block space is finite, pushing developers and creators to optimize its usage and create digital "skyscrapers."

 📊 By the Numbers

OCM Dimensions sold out its 300 piece collection in just minutes. The first secondary sale registered at more than 1 BTC, more than $26,000. 

❗Why It Matters

OCM Dimensions’ new approach to creating and presenting NFTs on Bitcoin showcases the untapped potential of Bitcoin Ordinals and may lead to more unique, boundary pushing collections on the blockchain...and not just copy paste animal derivatives. 

🎤 Founder Feedback

Why are Bitcoin Ordinals a big deal? Because of all the power the protocol gives to builders.Danny Yang

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