Which OCM Tier Are You?

Which OCM Tier Are You?
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OnChainMonkey disclosed its membership tiers for the upcoming collab mint with Alexis André (creator of Friendship Bracelets), in a recent tweet.

Why It Matters: In Q1 2023, OCM holders with an OCM Set (a Genesis + any Karma1 + any Karma2) will get a guaranteed mint spot for the next major work by Alexis André, creator of Friendship Bracelets, one of the top traded NFTs on OpenSea.

What Constitutes Each Tier? Each tier directly affects the eligibility of users in the upcoming mint. Find the tier breakdown below taken from the tweet graphic:

  • Tier 1: Celestial Karma / Cake
    • All mints are airdropped
  • Tier 2: OCM Set (a genesis OCM + any K1 + any K2)
    • Highest mint allocation, guaranteed mint for each set
  • Tier 3: OCM Genesis [FP 1.1 ETH]
  • Tier 4: OCM Karma [FP 0.27 ETH]
    • Lesser mint allocation, opportunity to win minting spots. More monkeys = more chances to win!

What's Next: No official action items or timelines have been provided at this time, though a Town Hall has been scheduled for next week.

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