OnChainMonkey Launching Utility NFT

OnChainMonkey Launching Utility NFT
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OnChainMonkey is releasing a utility-focused NFT to help expand the OCM network and provide additional rewards to holders of Karma and Genesis OnChainMonkeys, according to a series of tweets from the project. 

Why It Matters: OnChainMonkey continues to aggressively expand its reach through flexible and scalable onboarding incentives, with a focus on rewarding loyal and participating community members. New OCM Bots allow holders to show the OCM ecosystem to friends through a utility-based NFT.

What To Know:

  • OCM Bots will be assembled with disparate pieces, earned through leveling up Genesis or Karma OCM NFTs with missions. 
  • Multiple types of OCM Bots can be built. 
  • Reaching Level 5 will provide users with a Power Core, the final piece necessary for building an OCM Bot. 

What's Next: No official action items or timelines have been provided for the launch of OCM Bots. 

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