OnChainMonkey Releases the Full OCM Dimensions 300 List

OnChainMonkey Releases the Full OCM Dimensions 300 List
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OnChainMonkey tweeted the link to a Google Sheet with a list of the 300 ordinal addresses selected for the Dimensions launch.

The Deets

  • About half of the 300 were announced on Twitter, but now the rest have been revealed.
  • There were more than 6,000 applications, and the selectivity rate was less than 5%.
  • There are an additional 2,000 OCM Dimensions exclusively reserved for OCM holders.
  • Owning an OCM set (OCM Genesis + K1 + K2) puts you in Tier 2 and gives you a higher chance to mint one of the remaining 2,000 Dimensions.

🎬 Take Action

If you applied, you can check if your BTC Ordinals wallet address is in the OCM Dimensions 300 List Google Sheet.

🎤 Community Quotes

!RISE and congrats to all those selected. Super stoked to be supporting this historic event from the sidelines. Got my eyes on the post-300 though LFG.intelstrata.eth

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