OnChainMonkey Reschedules Dimensions Launch to June 15

OnChainMonkey Reschedules Dimensions Launch to June 15
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OnChainMonkey announced that the upcoming OCM Dimensions launch is delayed until June 15.

The Deets

  • OCM Dimensions was originally slated to launch on May 31
  • The mint date has been moved to June 15
  • The project cited "being so early and factors beyond our control" as reasons for the delay

❗ Why It Matters

OnChainMonkey's new high-end generative art collection on the Bitcoin blockchain is highly anticipated, with over 6,000 collectors applying (and many of them presumably funding their Bitcoin wallet with 0.08 BTC). A little over half of the 300 Mint List has been announced in recent days, with many notable names in the community among those accepted, including a mix of Ordinals enthusiasts, NFT whales, and loyal OCM holders.

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ğŸŽ¤ Founder Feedback

OCM Dimensions has some surprises for collectors and creators, especially. Looking forward to doing the full reveal!danny huuep, creator of OnChainMonkey

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