Get On The List: OCM Dimensions Coming Soon

Get On The List: OCM Dimensions Coming Soon
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OnChainMonkey is ready to launch its new collection "OCM Dimensions" a high-end generative art collection on the Bitcoin blockchain. 

❗Why It Matters

Inscriptions took the NFT space by storm earlier in the year and have continued to grow consistently with almost 2,000,000 ordinal inscriptions in total and almost 150K inscriptions made per day. OnChainMonkey provides another opportunity for ETH NFT holders to get their first Bitcoin Ordinal. 

The Deets

  • Inscribed on early 2009 Satoshis
  • Fuses art, technology, and innovation
  • 300 special 1/1 Genesis Dimensions available
  • Launching May 31

The Details

As reported last month, OCM Dimensions is launching its high-end generative art collection on the Bitcoin blockchain. This groundbreaking collection, OCM Dimensions, is an innovative fusion of art, technology, and innovation.

The collection's debut will feature 300 special 1/1 Genesis Dimensions, which are 3D masterpieces generated from code, unreleased Genesis traits like Alien and Gold furs, and will be inscribed on early 2009 Satoshis.

Take Action

To secure a spot on the OCM Dimensions 300 Mint List, apply now by visiting the official OCM Dimensions website:

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