OCM Revises Tier System To Prioritize Super Set Collectors

OCM Revises Tier System To Prioritize Super Set Collectors
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Ahead of the OCM Dimensions mint at the end of the month, OnChain Monkey upgraded the Tier System to prioritize Super Set collectors.

❗ Why It Matters

For OCM holders, the tier system will determine your chances of getting OCM Dimensions as well as future OCM collections. It's a welcome and deserved upgrade for Super Set holders, but it also probably won't affect all that many given the high threshold for entry to that tier.

The Details

  • A Super Set = 20x OCM Sets = Any 20x Genesis + Any 20x Karma 1 + Any 20x Karma 2.
  • Tier 1 is OCM's Apex membership, and this Tier also consists of Celestials and holders of a Celestial Karma or a Celestial Cake.
  • Tier 1 members will be airdropped an Ethereum NFT that will be burnable for OCM Dimensions.

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