Kevin Abosch Adds AI Twist to Open Edition Meta

Kevin Abosch Adds AI Twist to Open Edition Meta
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Kevin Abosch introduced a burn mechanism this morning for his popular "Open Edition by Kevin Abosch" series, opening up a redemption page on

โ— Why It Matters

We have seen open edition artists like Jack Butcher and NessGraphics have success using similar burn mechanisms of late, but Abosch adds an interesting twist using AI to his project.

๐Ÿ” Need to Know

  • Owners of an "Open Edition by Kevin Abosch" edition can burn one NFT in exchange for a new version titled, "That Secret Nobody Knows."
  • Abosch adds a unique AI-powered twist where the claim will be open for an unknown amount of time between 3-24 hours where the exact duration will be "determined by AI, using data pertaining to collecting behaviour across the entire open edition collection."
  • Abosch notes that the AI's logic is "built upon a model of fear-based patterns and the price of ETH gas." The artist adds that he "doesn't care if you do or don't" burn an original edition during the window.

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I woke up to madness this morning@Ballout170

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