Yuga Teases ApeCoin Powered Experience

Yuga Teases ApeCoin Powered Experience
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"Legends of the Mara," an ApeCoin-powered 2D experience will follow the Otherside Metaverse's Second Trip, according to a tweet from the official Otherside Twitter account. 

🧐 Wait, What?

While no formal details about "Legends of the Mara" have been provided, Yuga did previously provide some background on what to expect for the Second Trip or the second game test of the Otherside Metaverse. The Second Trip is expected to take place in March of this year and will hold different explorable environments for a greater group of users than the First Trip

❗Why It Matters

It's difficult to suggest the importance of the Legends of the Mara without more detail, but it is notable that Yuga Labs' indicated the event would be "powered by ApeCoin." The native ecosystem token has seen its fair share of utility growth this year with the beginning of ApeCoin stakingits use for power-ups in Dookey Dashand now its potential use in Otherside environments. 

📊 By the Numbers

Otherdeed NFTs have been trending back up in the last month, gaining 14 percent during a time of relative quiet for Otherside-specific announcements. The floor currently sits at 1.68 ETH. 

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OHH. damnit why did i spend all my 15 apecoin on boostsMorgan

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