Otherdeeds Rise on "Waking Up" Announcement

Otherdeeds Rise on "Waking Up" Announcement
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Yuga Labs continued its barrage of recent announcements, showcasing a trailer for the "waking up" of Otherdeed NFTs and "in-engine" footage of the Otherside Metaverse last night. 

The announcement sparked a run in Otherdeed NFTs, which have traded more than 700 ETH in secondary volume on OpenSea in the last 24 hours. The volume gain brought a floor price increase as well, with Otherdeed assets up 10 percent to 1.58 during that time. 

The waking up announcement included a notable roadmap update, alerting holders that the "Second Trip" will take place in March 2023. Though the Second Trip was not included in the original roadmap - the Voyager's Journey - it is expected to have different explorable environments that creates an even richer experience, for a greater group of users than the First Trip. 

The week isn't over for Yuga Labs, who is expected to release more on the Trial of Jimmy the Monkey on Christmas Day. 


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