Get Started With Parallel

Get Started With Parallel
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Parallel is releasing 45,000 fully-playable playing card starter decks as the full game launch approaches, according to a tweet from the project.

What's Inside:

Each deck contains 40 NFT cards, and a strategy guide to help users prepare for playing the official game. All the available cards were held aside from the existing supply, and no additional cards were minted. 

Why It Matters: 

Starter decks have always been a helpful introduction to a game, as some might recall from other popular card games like Pokémon. This serves as an easy entry to the Parallel ecosystem for those interested, rather than asking users to undertake the daunting task of "building their own deck." 

What's Next:

The packs are not yet available but will be sold in partnership with Coinbase NFT ahead of the official launch of the full trading card game. 

Community Thoughts:

This is perfect for a new player like myself!! And with coinbase!Doodlifts

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