Parallel Will Host Weekend Playtest

Parallel Will Host Weekend Playtest
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Parallel announced an upcoming weekend playtest and Metaguild tournament for interested participants.

The Deets

  • Play-test runs from April 14 to April 16
  • Returning players from any Closed Alpha wave are eligible
  • Other interested players can request play acces for this weekend

The Details

Anyone who participated in any wave of Parallel's previous Closed Alpha tests can return and play during the weekend event. For those who prefer casual gameplay, participation in the Metaguild tournament is not required.

If you previously signed up for Early Access but weren't selected, you can still request access for this weekend's play-test by visiting the Parallel website and selecting the new option, "Request access to play this weekend."

The play-test will take place from Friday, April 14, until Sunday, April 16, at 11:59 pm EST.

Why It Matters

After opening its closed beta period and unlocking its $PRIME token, Parallel is quickly approaching an open play ecosystem in which all Parallel holders can put their cards to the test and play the game. While web3 gaming headlines have been heating up over the last few months, perhaps none will rival the eventual launch of Parallel, a game that has been building for multiple years and has millions of dollars in backing. 

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