PROOF Grails III Artists Revealed

PROOF Grails III Artists Revealed
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PROOF unveiled the 20 artists and 20 pieces for Grails III in a live artist reveal party on Youtube.

The Deets

The following artists and their respective artworks are listed in total below:

  1. Grail #01. Artist: DeadBeef (@_deafbeef), Title: GRAILS by 0xDEAFBEEF
  2. Grail #02. Artist: Josie Bellini (@josiebellini), Title: Her
  3. Grail #03. Artist: Matt Kane (@MattKaneArtist), Title: Proof of Origin - Picture of the Planets
  4. Grail #04. Artist: All Seeing Seneca (@allseeingseneca), Title: Shermie
  5. Grail #05. Artist: Rik Oostenbroek (@RikOostenbroek), Title: Echoes
  6. Grail #06. Artist: Sofia Crespo (@soficrespo91), Title: unsynthesized #423
  7. Grail #07. Artist: Mpkoz (@mpkoz), Title: Realization
  8. Grail #08. Artist: Yatreda (@yatreda), Title: Dorze Duressa
  9. Grail #09. Artist: Ryan Koopmans (@ryankoopmans), Title: Systems
  10. Grail #10. Artist: Killer Acid (@killeracid), Title: Man Machine
  11. Grail #11. Artist: Maxim Zhestkov (@maximzhestkov), Title: Into the blue
  12. Grail #12. Artist: 0xTjo (@0xTjo), Title: Cigarette and heartbreaks
  13. Grail #13. Artist: Harvey Rayner (@patterndotco), Title: Reticulum
  14. Grail #14. Artist: Seerlight (@seerlight), Title: Shores
  15. Grail #15. Artist: Reuben Wu (@Reuben_Wu), Title: Tempelfjord
  16. Grail #16. Artist: Mika Tajima (, Title: Bathybius Haeckelii
  17. Grail #17. Artist: Alpha Centauri Kid (@lphaCentauriKid), Title: There goes that kid
  18. Grail #18. Artist: Zach Lieberman (@zachlieberman), Title: How things fit together
  19. Grail #19. Artist: Jon Gray (@GhettoGastro), Title: Mudslide
  20. Grail #20. Artist: Iskra Velitchkova (@pointline_), Title: Substance

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