PROOF Releases Ticketing Details for Upcoming Conference

PROOF Releases Ticketing Details for Upcoming Conference
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PROOF announced ticketing details for its upcoming PROOF of Conference on its Twitter account on Monday. 

Why It Matters

PROOF aims to strengthen its community collections, bringing together holders via IRL events. The project recently completed a well-attended European roadshow, and now aims to create a significant annual web3 event, similar to NFT NYC or VeeCon. 

The Deets

PROOF ecosystem NFT holders are eligible for the following: 

  • PROOF Collective Pass holders: can claim one free ticket, purchase one ticket for 50 percent off starting on Jan. 30. 
  • Moonbirds holders: can purchase two tickets for 50 percent discount, starting on Jan. 31.
  • Moonbirds Oddities holders: can purchase one ticket for 50 percent off, starting on Feb. 1. 
  • General public: tickets available for purchase on Feb. 2. 

The conference will take place at Skylight ROW in downtown Los Angeles, California from May 11-13. All tickets will be sold in ETH, with exact prices to be announced. 

Tickets will be tradeable on the secondary market. 

🔜 What's Next 

Based on their eligibility, users will be able to purchase their PROOF of Conference tickets at

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