Proof Team Debuts Collector Profiles, Art Plans, and More

Proof Team Debuts Collector Profiles, Art Plans, and More
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The PROOF Collective team shared an update on collector profiles, their 2023 plans for art collections, and other new features in a brief Twitter thread this afternoon.

First, there is a call to action for all holders to go to the newly updated website and update their collector profiles. All PROOF ecosystem NFT holders (Collective, Moonbirds, Oddities, Grails as of now) will have access to these profiles, in an effort to bring the entire community together into one single place.

NFT holders can unify wallet holdings into a single "PROOF [of] Identity," which will serve as a PROOF "single sign on"-like mechanism.  The team stated that this new Identity will make it easier to claim rewards, update the profile, and interact with future features.

Other benefits for NFT holders, exclusively on, include:

  • Token-gated reward claims, research access, podcasts, and other exclusive media access
  • Moonbirds DAO webpages
  • Exciting and innovative artist-collector engagement

The team also plans to roll out artist profiles in a similar fashion to the collector profiles, featuring artist media and art drops.

Another, somewhat buried piece of news in the thread is that the PROOF team will release new art collections in 2023 under 4 banners: Grails, Curated, Genesis, and PROOF Collaborations. This update adds some credibility to those in the community who speculated that Proof will be launching an Art Blocks-like competitor in the near future.

The last portion of the update shares the idea of a Builder Tools page, serving as a public repository of PROOF team resources available for devs, project creators, and more.

Both PROOF Collective Passes and Moonbirds have rallied in the past week, with the PROOF Pass at 36 ETH (+20%) and Moonbirds at 8.85 ETH (+22%).

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