20 Wallets Airdropped Grails III Mint Passes

20 Wallets Airdropped Grails III Mint Passes
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Season III Grails Mint Passes have been distributed to 20 Moonbirds holders, according to a tweet from PROOF

How It Happened: The 20 passes have been distributed in two groups of 10 passes, one group which was randomly airdropped to nested Moonbirds with the "Grail" trait, and the other half airdropped at random to other nested Moonbirds NFT holders. 

Why It Matters: The first 20 Grails III Mint Passes have now hit the secondary market, starting the price discovery phase for the right to mint one of 20 Grail NFTs from PROOF. At the time of writing, the floor is 2 ETH on OpenSea with a pair of passes trading for 2.3 WETH. View the collection here

Action Items: Are you a Moonbirds holder? To check and see if you've earned a Grails III Mint Pass, head to your collector profile on proof.xyz.

What's Next: The remaining Grails III Mint Passes will be provided to PROOF Collective Pass holders. Mint passes can then be utilized starting on Jan. 17 at 10:00 a.m. ET. 

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