Moonbirds Tease Cryptic XCOPY Message

Moonbirds Tease Cryptic XCOPY Message
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The Moonbirds team released a cryptic nine-second trailer yesterday evening, featuring what appears to be XCOPY's logo. The tweet came with the tagline "Set phasers to max," and the trailer ended with the date 12.15.22.

While the trailer does not explicitly call out XCOPY, community members put it together pretty quickly.

This mysterious message sent the Moonbird discord into a frenzy as holders theorized about what could be coming. Some top theories mentioned included:

  • An XCOPY edition airdrop to all holders
  • An XCOPY drop for Glitch bird holders
  • XCOPY coming on the PROOF Collective podcast
  • XCOPY PFP backgrounds

There was some doubt that it will be as simple as a 10,000 edition airdrop to all holders, especially with XCOPY set to drop a Noble Card and a Memes by 6529 meme card this week. And regarding the podcast theory, that would be more of a PROOF announcement vs Moonbirds, so that is likely out as well. The backgrounds theory is interesting, as PROOF just debuted special Moonirds backgrounds for PROOF pass holders, and this would be a way to include all Moonbirds holders. No one has seemingly put together the "phasers" aspect of the message just yet.

Regardless of what the outcome is, community members praised the Moonbirds founders for the move. Moonbirds holder armilius commented on the announcement, stating "speculation aside, I love the way they announced this. building suspense and hype, revealing something without giving away too much. more bullish on this new marketing approach compared to earlier project days for sure, good signs for 2023."

This led co-founder Justin Mezzell to respond by confirming that the team has indeed put a larger focus on this announcement style. "We're making a conscientious effort to do more of this," Justin said in a discord message responding to armilius. "Thank you for noticing!"

The Moonbirds floor moved about 5 percent on the news on 569 ETH daily volume, now holding at 8.4 ETH on Blur.

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