Ryan Carson's Cosmic Moonbird Sells for 143.6942 ETH

Ryan Carson's Cosmic Moonbird Sells for 143.6942 ETH
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The auction for Ryan Carson's Cosmic Moonbird NFT closed on Wednesday for a final price of 143.6942 ETH (~$160k). Ryan Carson, the former COO of PROOF Collective, recently announced liquidating his personal NFT collection as it would be a conflict of interest against his new fund 121G. The trade came out to be a positive 74 ETH return but was around a $50k loss in USD terms.

The Moonbird is one of six in the collection with the Cosmic trait. Other extremely rare traits include Jade, Glitch, and Enlighted, each of which has 6 NFTs in the collection.

The Moonbirds floor price at the time of this writing is 21 ETH.

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