Penguin on a Gilded Quest

Penguin on a Gilded Quest
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A Pudgy Penguin with Gold skin and a Kimono Gold body sold today for 52.4 ETH.

The Details

โ— Why It Matters

On the heels of the Pudgy Penguins party in NYC, the vibes are clearly good in the Igloo, especially with this massive sale. After Luca Netz tweeted a picture of his own gold penguin, the sale for #484 registered four minutes later on the Pudgy Penguins Sales Bot.

It's the 8th highest Pudgy Penguin sale ever, according to OpenSea.

๐Ÿ“Š By the Numbers

  • The purchase was made at a 14.5x multiple to the Pudgy Penguin floor (3.6 ETH).
  • Pudgy Penguin #484 ranks 284 in rarity, according to OpenSea Pro.
  • There are 44 Pudgy Penguins in total that have Gold Skin (0.50% of the collection), and 44 Penguins that have a Kimono Gold body (0.50%), but Pudgy Penguin #484 is the only one that has both traits.
  • There are three other gold-skinned Penguins listed for sale, at 50 ETH, 169 ETH, and 200 ETH.

๐ŸŽค Community Quotes

Jason / @Bitcoin4Freedom preempted the golden purchase with this tweet:

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