Pudgy Penguins Files Two New Trademark Applications

Pudgy Penguins Files Two New Trademark Applications
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Last week, Pudgy Penguins filed two new U.S. Trademark applications, as reported by trademark and copyright attorney, @NeerMcD.

โ— Why It Matters

CEO Luca Netz has been vocal that he envisions Pudgy Penguins existing as a brand outside of the NFT space, and today's news perhaps sheds a little light on exactly what Netz may have up his sleeve for the project's future.

๐Ÿ”Ž The Deets

Mentioned in Application 97842598 are the following items:

  • Printed comic books; printed materials, namely novels and series of fiction books and short stories featuring scenes and characters based on video games
  • Collectable printed trading cards
  • Various merch items (hoodies, hats, pants, etc.)
  • Board games, puzzles, action figures, stuffed animals, trading card games, stress relief toys, social emotional toys, educational toys
  • Candy, various snacks, cereal, frozen yogurt
  • Retail store services featuring virtual goods
  • Entertainment services, namely providing virtual characters for use in online and virtual environments 
  • A website allowing users to upload and download music, video clips and images

Application 97842583 added these items:

  • Audio and video recording featuring music and artistic performances
  • Downloadable music files authenticated by NFTs
  • Downloadable multimedia file containing artwork relating to characters through NFTs or soulbound tokens

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