Pudgy Penguins "Shark Suit" Collectible Releases This Friday

Pudgy Penguins "Shark Suit" Collectible Releases This Friday
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Pudgy Penguins announced that a limited edition Pudgy Penguins "Shark Suit" collectible will release this Friday, exclusively on @NTWRKLIVE.

The Deets

๐Ÿ”™ Back It Up

The Shark Suit collectible is based on one of five 1/1 Pudgy Penguins in the collection, Pudgy Penguin #7365. It's owned by Vincent Van Dough, an avid NFT collector and the creator of Notable Pepes. Van Dough bought the Shark Suit Pudgy Penguin back in August 2021 for 69 ETH, which was nearly $220k at the time.

โ— Why It Matters

After successfully launching Pudgy Toys last week, Pudgy Penguins aren't showing any signs of slowing down.

This drop is an example of how the Pudgy Penguins brand is using a multi-channel distribution approach to target different markets, and it makes sense that Pudgy Penguins is releasing the limited edition vinyl collectible on NTWRK, a well-known app for collectors.

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Watch the Pudgy Penguins live stream of the launch on Friday: thentwrk.com/show/14926/.


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