PUNKS Comic #3 Mint Is Live

PUNKS Comic #3 Mint Is Live
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PUNKS Comic #3, "A Glitch in Time" has officially begun its minting via the official PUNKS Comic site

The mint is taking place in four phases for select NFT holders, each lasting two hours. 

The first phase, which is now open, allows holders of early Pixel Vault NFTs like PUNKS Issue #1 and MintPass #1. Phase two will go live at approximately 1:00 p.m. ET. 

The PUNKS Comic #3 mint includes a unique "glitched" experience whereby users are able may end up with a variety of outputs, including the  Founder's DAO tokens, MetaHero Identities, and more. 

On the PUNKS Comic minting site, users can see exactly how many unique items remain in the glitched portal. After approximately 30 minutes of minting, four of the 12 MetaHero Core Identities have been claimed. 

For more information on the mint, phases, and probabilities, refer to the formal mint guide from the Pixel Vault team. 

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