PUNKS Comic Origin Stories #3 Edition Is Out Now

PUNKS Comic Origin Stories #3 Edition Is Out Now
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PUNKS Comics recently released its Origin Stories #3 comic book issue, which features Agent Ivanova and Hilary.

"Following the events of PUNKS 3, a frustrated Agent Ivanova returns to the office," the comic's description reads. "Meanwhile, the PUNKS crew hatches a plan to use Hilary, who shares a past with the FBI agent, to help get her off their back. But will the plan work or further enrage the fiery, hotshot Agent?"

The comic book is free to read for all PUNKS Comic holders, but to receive the NFT version, holders will have to burn Issue #1 or Issue #2. There are currently 5,075 Issue #1 comics, 823 Issue #2 comics, and four Issue #3 comics.

All Origin Stories comics will only be mintable via burning a comic book issue from the original set.

"Pixel Vault is introducing a new minting dynamic for Origin Stories ... bringing back the game theory that our community was built on," the blog post for Issue #2 reads.

The game theory continues into Issue #3. Collectors can only burn forward, but may skip certain editions. Dedicated collectors will receive a premium bound volume of all eight stories if they complete the entire set.

Read more about the burning mechanism here.

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